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Thankful for Friendsgiving at The Kelvin

Friendsgiving, a blend of “friend” and “Thanksgiving,” is a cherished tradition among close-knit friend groups. It offers a chance to share a hearty meal and create lasting memories. To ensure a seamless gathering, planning is key.

Start by setting a date and sending out invitations using tools like Canva. Create a guest list and coordinate the menu contributions. Begin cooking dishes that can be prepared in advance.

For a stress-free event, plan and complete most tasks the day before. Consider a potluck to ease hosting responsibilities. Keep it simple, focusing on familiar recipes. A crockpot turkey is a delicious and hassle-free option. And, of course, don’t forget the sides!

A drink station featuring wine and a signature cocktail is a must. The Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail and Pumpkin Mule are excellent choices. Engage guests with activities like football, a photo scavenger hunt, or game night. A DIY wreath-making station adds a personal touch.

Incorporate snack place cards for both seating and nibbling. Elevate the ambiance with a unique color scheme and edible centerpieces. White pumpkins and fresh cranberry garlands add chic decor elements.

Hosting Friendsgiving should be enjoyable and memorable. These tips cover every aspect, ensuring a successful and cherished celebration here at The Kelvin.


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