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Sip a Margarita at Taqueria Las Gemelas

The bad news is that new restaurant Las Gemelas Mexican Cocina is already incredibly tough to get into. But the good news is that sister restaurant Taqueria Las Gemelas offers the same great flavors as its classed up kitchen-mate, but in a much more approachable and easy to access form. 

Las Gemelas means ‘twin girls’ in Spanish, so it’s the perfect name for the united restaurant concept from the team behind popular spot Espita. But what Cocina Mexicana lacks in capacity, Taqueria Las Gemelas makes up for in authentic hospitality. The Taqueria celebrates all things masa and the delicious things that you can pile atop this all-purpose Mexican staple, from slow-roasted meats, to perfectly simple tomato salsas. Whether you come to enjoy a breakfast of huevos and papas or a casual dinner alongside a margarita, be sure to shop the pantry of fresh tortillas, moles, and other staples. 

Taqueria Las Gemelas opens daily at 7:30 a.m., and is a “no tipping” establishment in favor of a living wage. Visit the website to learn more, or to preview the menu.


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